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Factory Solutions

Open Access to the FastPharming Platform®

Factory Solutions is rooted in iBio’s guiding philosophy of empowering companies to fully capitalize on the advantages of FastPharming – iBio’s proprietary approach to plant-made pharmaceutical (PMP) production. Supporting our product and equipment solutions is a team comprised of PMP experts who fully understand the science behind our technology and are experts in the full complement of PMP processes, equipment, technologies, and facility design—including the demands of operating a hydroponic facility within a cGMP environment.

Facility Design, Process Design & Tech Transfer
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FastPharming Infiltrators
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FastPharming Vectors
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Facility Design, Process Design & Tech Transfer

In a silent, timelapsed video, teams of workers operate cranes and other heavy machinery to build the FastPharming facility from the ground up in 13 months.
iBio's facility was built greenfield to completion within thirteen months.

iBio’s Factory Solutions puts our PMP experts and architectural and engineering partners to work, enabling companies to leverage all the benefits of the FastPharming System. The Factory Solutions program offers:

  • Process design, optimization, and scale-up 
  • Product feasibility studies 
  • Training  
  • Technology transfer 
  • Research, pilot or commercial-scale facility design  
  • Regulatory review and support  

By being hands-on with products and processes within our Bryan, TX facility, our development team can quickly adapt to what is learned during the feasibility and process development stages. As a result, not only can your specific product, process, and facility design be perfected, you can begin your path to the clinic while your PMP production capabilities are coming online. 

Factory Solutions at Work

CC Pharming utilized iBio’s Factory Solutions to design and build an 8,000+ square foot pilot plant in Beijing.

CC Pharming specializes in biomedical technology research and product development. They are an innovative company utilizing plant bioreactor technology and are focusing on plant molecular medicine technology, research, and product development. 

This collaboration offers CC Pharming the opportunity to further its leadership position within the increasingly competitive Chinese market and gives iBio a presence in the world’s second largest pharmaceutical market. 

Our FastPharming
Infiltrators Enable PMP Production

FastPharming infiltrators further round out our Factory Solutions offering for clients looking to insource plant-based protein production.

Our made to order infiltrator is an essential piece of equipment to conduct the agroinfiltration process. Agroinfiltration is the process of inducing transient gene expression into a plant to produce the desired protein.


How It Works

The FastPharming Infiltrator forces air out of the intercellular spaces within the plants’ leaves.

When the vacuum is released, the pressure differential forces the bacterial suspension containing the gene (s) of interest into the plants mesophyll tissues, effectively transferring the genetic material into the plants.

The gene product is then transiently expressed with help of the plant’s protein synthesis machinery.

FastPharming Infiltrator Advantages


The FastPharming infiltrator can be sized for both commercial and pilot-scale manufacturing. For instance, a unit sized for commercial production can accommodate up to eight trays, holding up to ~350 plants – approximately 2.5 kg of biomass per tray, depending on plant size. However, flexibility was engineered into the design. Two-, three-, and four-tray configurations are also feasible.


Control of key operating parameters ensures a consistent, reproducible infiltration process in accordance with regulatory standards – additionally, the infiltrator is constructed of 316L stainless steel for durability and performance.


Includes Clean in Place (CIP) capabilities and can be upgraded to Steam-in-Place (SIP) if required.


iBio’s Factory Solutions team provides support for commissioning, qualification, and validation.


FastPharming Infiltrators can be made to order for all organizations, including academic institutions, pursuing everything from lab- to commercial-scale plant-based production.

Interested in utilizing proprietary FastPharming Infiltrators?

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FastPharming infiltrator, a cylindrical container with space for multiple trays of plants, hinged loading doors on the side, CIPR pump, and a Light & Sight porthole on a circular door on one end

While FastPharming Infiltrators are built to order so that they can be customized to the specific application, the infiltrator pictured above is 90”x48”x96,” with a capacity of 1500 liters and a working volume of 750 liters.  

Technician operating an infiltrator. Plants are upside down, ready to be lowered into an agrobacterium solution.

Proprietary FastPharming Vectors

Our proprietary FastPharming Vectors incorporate diverse functional elements. The technical diversity of these vectors allow the FastPharming system to be used for expression of a wide range of proteins, including antigens, antibodies, growth factors, fusion proteins, and cytokines.

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