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Synergy of Platform

Our Epitope Steering technology along with a StableHu™ Antibody Optimizer, EngageTx™, and ShieldTx™, form a suite of solutions covering every aspect of pre-clinical drug development, from precision targeting to safety, embodying our commitment to innovation and excellence.

AI-Driven Precision

Our AI-powered platform aims to precisely discover on-target, on-epitope antibodies, shortening the path from concept to clinic.

Speed and Efficiency

With our advanced technologies, we reduce trial and error, accelerating the pre-clinical drug development process and saving valuable time and resources.

Shared Success

We are committed to building and sustaining long term partnerships with shared success. Our current and past collaborations include AstralBio, Eli Lilly, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (an institute of the NIH), and more.

Current and Past Collaborations



Precision Meets Innovation

At iBio, our goal is to enhance precision in every aspect of drug discovery. Our Drug Discovery Platform aims to generate precise and potent antibody-based therapeutics delivered to the targeted location for maximum safety and efficacy.

Utilizing iBio’s Antibody Discovery Platform, we work with our partners to deliver de-risked therapeutic candidates with the potential for exceptional developability and enhanced safety, more quickly and more efficiently than traditional technologies.

What We Offer

  • High-definition therapeutic candidates for hard-to-drug targets and epitopes
  • Highly efficient optimization and humanization of antibodies, stand-alone or discovered with iBio’s platform
  • Highly developable bi-specifics with reduced potential for immune-mediated toxicities
  • Highly targeted therapeutic candidates with potentially reduced side effects

We believe in the power of partnership to drive innovation in drug discovery. We can transform ideas into impactful solutions faster and more efficiently.

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