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Therapeutic & Vaccine Candidates

Our fastpharming Manufacturing System enables speedy, scalable, safe and sustainable development of biopharmaceuticals. We’re advancing our pipeline of candidates in immuno-oncology, fibrotic and infectious diseases, as well as veterinary vaccines.

Human Health
Early Discovery E Disc
Late Discovery L Disc
Lead Optimization L Opt
IND-Enabling IND
Clinical Clin
Human Health Oncology
Programs: 101
Programs: Endostatin E4
Solid Tumors
Programs: Target 3
Programs: Target 4
Programs: Target 5
Programs: Target 6
Human Health Infectious Disease
Programs: 202
Human Health Fibrotic Diseases
Programs: 100
Animal Health
Pre-Clinical Pre-C
Clinical Dev Clin Dev
Product Registration Prod Reg
Animal Health Infectious Disease
Programs: 400

* Developed Using RubrYc Therapeutics’ Artificial Intelligence Discovery Engine

Our focus in human health includes infectious diseases, where we are developing a vaccine for COVID-19, as well as an anti-fibrotic therapeutic candidate, IBIO-100, for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, amongst other indications. Some studies1 have shown that a number of patients recovering from COVID-19 have severe pulmonary fibrosis sequela.

Oncology is another focus, particularly in areas of high unmet medical need. We’re developing immunotherapy, IBIO-101, which has shown strong anti-tumor responses in preclinical models of disease. We expect our oncology pipeline to continue to grow with the in-house discovery capabilities established in San Diego in mid 2021, as well as with our partnership with RubrYc for access to their AI-enabled antibody design technologies.

In the field of animal health, we’re developing a vaccine candidate, IBIO-400, for classical swine fever – a contagious, often fatal disease affecting both feral and domesticated pigs.

Image representing iBio's areas of focus - include vaccines for human health and animal health, a fibrotic therapeutic candidate, and further oncology therapeutics.


  1. Zou, H., Li, Sq. Pulmonary fibrosis in critically ill patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia during the convalescent stage and a proposal for early intervention. Acta Pharmacol Sin (2020).