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Programs: IBIO-101
Programs: Trop-2 x CD3*
Programs: MUC16
Programs: Target 5
Programs: EGFRvIII
Programs: CCR8
Programs: Target 8

* Developed with EngageTx bispecific platform

iBio’s technology stack is designed to deliver next-generation precision antibodies for difficult targets and modes of action with the potential for high developability and enhanced safety. Powered by machine learning, our platform combines epitope steering, antibody optimization for monoclonal antibodies and CD3 T-cell engager bispecfics, and antibody masking, to overcome key challenges in discovery and development.

Our team of computational biologists and highly skilled drug hunters are engineering antibodies for hard-to-drug targets to support rapid pipeline growth and maturation. We have a pipeline of 7 biologics, primarily focused on immuno-oncology. Driven by our commitment to innovation, we are developing select programs internally while maintaining the flexibility to explore collaborative opportunities through licensing our programs to strategic partners.

We are excited about the potential therapeutic benefits of our proprietary pipeline and are looking for partners who share our passion for bringing innovative treatments to advance healthcare and improve patient lives.

To learn more about our pipeline candidates and potential partnership opportunities, please contact us.