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White Paper

Rapid, High-Throughput Screening to Maximize Protein Yields in the FastPharming System®

This paper discusses ways developers across the biotherapeutics industry can overcome the high costs, long timelines, and low yield challenges of animal-based protein development. The included data was gathered over the course of a compelling project completed for Safi Biosolutions.

As a partner of the U.S. Department of Defense On-Demand Blood Program, Safi Biosolutions aims to manufacture high-quality blood products. However, a key question confronted the team. How can high-quality, low-cost whole blood components be produced in high volumes? Lengthy and expensive animal-based protein expression constructs would likely be mission-limiting.

Safi quickly began testing iBio’s FastPharming plant-based protein expression system to address these challenges. The lessons learned have broad applicability for many developers struggling with slightly different versions of the same challenges.

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The White Paper Includes:

  • Advantages of plant-based protein expression for high-throughput recombinant protein candidate screening
  • Rapid evaluation of expression vectors containing sequence variants to maximize protein accumulation
  • Utilization of affinity tags to further reduce candidate selection timelines
  • Overview of Safi Biosolutions’ utilization of the FastPharming System within their on-demand blood program