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The Magic Behind the FastPharming System®

Step 1:

1a: Seeding & Growth

N. benthamiana seeds are planted in hydroponic media and transferred to trays for gravity fed loading into LED lit vertical farming racks. Seedlings are transplanted from germination trays to larger grow trays.

Our plants are grown indoor under tightly controlled conditions for consistency & quality.

1b: Gene Cloning

We synthesize the gene, encoding the desired protein and clone it into our high-productivity FastPharming vectors.

1c: Mobilization

The gene vectors are then loaded into agrobacteria, which are ideally suited to infect the N. benthamiana plants.

Step 2: Plant Infiltration

We then submerge the plants under a vacuum in a solution containing the agrobacteria to infiltrate the microbes into the leaves, where they then deliver the gene vector into plant cells.

Step 3: Protein Production

The vectors instruct the plant cells to start producing an abundance of the desired protein, converting each plant into a small factory!

Step 4: Harvesting

After about a week of growth, plants are transferred via conveyor belt to a homogenizer, and we begin harvesting the plant leaves and their cargo of their recombinant protein.

Step 5: Purification and Vialing

We process the leaves to extract the “green juice,” that then undergoes industry standard protein purification before finishing the biologic in its final form.