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Changing the Paradigm of Cancer Drug Discovery and Development with Plants

May 2, 2022

In this article, iBio’s Chief Scientific Officer, Martin Brenner, DVM, Ph.D.; Chief Operating Officer, Randy Maddux; and oncology pipeline advisor, Steven King, explore how the iBio Drug Discovery Center is using the FastPharming System® to support faster and more efficient development of powerful new weapons in the battle against cancer.

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FastPharming Technology Used to Grow Plants for Discovering Developing and Manufacturing New Drug Candidates with Tom Isett iBio

March 9, 2022

Tom Isett is the CEO of iBio which is pioneering the next generation of biopharmaceuticals. Their goal is to reduce the cost, time, and risk of failure involved with drug discovery and development by using a plant-based recombinant protein manufacturing platform to create small and large batches of desired proteins. Tom shares his career journey from working with the USDA to iBio where he is back to working with the little leafy green guys again.

Tom explains, “We are a biotech, so we’re a developer of biopharmaceuticals, specifically focused in oncology, fibrosis, and infectious diseases, where we’re really trying to address some of the bigger unmet medical needs out there. But what I think really makes us unique is how we develop these new medicines, molecules, and candidates. We use plants to produce these new drug candidates.”

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