TAMAgRESAgriLife is one of Texas’ largest agencies and is tasked with the “One Health” approach to care for humans and animals. One of its departments, the Institute for Infectious Animal Diseases (IIAD) joined iBio in a project funded by the Department of Homeland Security to demonstrate that iBio platform can rapidly deliver vaccines to counteract animal diseases. The first example was Classical Swine Fever. The iBio team delivered the E2 antigen based vaccine to IIAD in a matter of weeks. Immunogenicity studies in healthy pigs demonstrated a potent antibody response to the E2 based antigen made at iBio. A full challenge study was then completed at the Kansas State BSL-3 facility with all of the pigs in the trial surviving a large virus challenge. 

This antigen is now ready for partnering. The incidence of swine fever now is highest in southeast asia so a partner is being sought in that area that can successfully distribute the vaccine. An iBio Master Services agreement is in place with AgriLife and further animal vaccine targets are being discussed. Again, the customer sought the rapidity by which the iBio platform can evaluate a series of protein therapeutic candidates, and provide clinical grade materials for trials.