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CDMO Services

Process Development

people working in a biopharmaceutical manufacturing facility on process development

Process Development Capabilities

Our experienced PD scientists can help you gain the advantages of working in the FastPharming System® and deliver robust, high-yield, high-quality manufacturing processes.

  • From de novo gene sequence to upstream protein production in three weeks (no cell line development needed)
  • Signal peptide/codon variant screening
  • Evaluation of post-infiltration conditions
  • Extraction optimization
  • Rapid production of gram quantities for in vitro and/or pre-clinical testing
  • Simultaneous up- and downstream evaluation of multiple product candidates
  • Development of target product profiles with customized N-glycosylation
  • Early, in-depth product characterization

FastPharming Process Development Outcomes

  • Process insights drive novel solutions and higher overall product yields
  • Transient expression system can handle today’s complex protein constructs

Seamless Scalability

iBio’s pilot plant was designed as a direct scale-down from the manufacturing facility.

  • Each plant is a standalone bioreactor providing consistent expression at any scale: Milligram ➞ gram ➞ kilogram quantities
  • Technology transfer ready