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Changing the Paradigm of Cancer Drug Discovery and Development with Plants

In this article, iBio’s Chief Scientific Officer, Martin Brenner, DVM, Ph.D.; Chief Operating Officer, Randy Maddux; and oncology pipeline advisor, Steven King, explore how the iBio Drug Discovery Center is using the FastPharming System® to support faster and more efficient development of powerful new weapons in the battle against cancer.

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Read the article on FastPharming and iBio’s Drug Discovery Center, transforming drug discovery in oncology.

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Topics Discussed Include:

  • Why FastPharming is well-suited for producing the wide range of antibodies that are increasingly important in the cancer immunotherapy toolbox
  • The ability to quickly produce and screen candidates in parallel, increasing the odds of finding successful molecules
  • Glycosylation’s pivotal role in the safety and efficacy of oncology drug candidates
  • How FastPharming can expedite discovery and development timelines compared to mammalian cell line processes
  • Highlights of iBio’s lead oncology candidate, IBIO-101