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CDMO Services

Monoclonal Antibody Development & Manufacturing Services

Changing the paradigm of cancer drug development with the speed, scalability, sustainability, and quality of FastPharming®.

Traditional biologic development in mammalian cells has been the staple means of biologics production in the industry. However, the infrastructure and process required for this development and manufacturing has been shown to stymie timely, scalable development of new cancer treatments. The traditional approach does not allow for an adequate number of potential therapeutic options to be explored, especially for therapies targeted to smaller patient subgroups.

Our method of protein production has the ability to quickly scale-up production without compromising product quality – benefits that are critical for any developer to meet the supply demands of mid to late-stage oncology clinical trials.

We have the potential to improve the quality and speed to clinic of new oncology candidates by combining the advantages of our Glycaneering Technology℠, FastPharming System® and Advanced Bioanalytics to optimize the discovery, development and manufacturing of antibodies in immuno-oncology. By utilizing this three-pronged approach to biologic production, we’re pushing the boundaries of traditional oncology drug development to expand therapeutic options for patients and developers, delivering candidates more quickly, efficiently and sustainably. Using this approach, we’ve already brought multiple candidates into our own proprietary drug development pipeline over the course of just a few months.

The synergy between these three core technologies is at the heart of our oncology development services , which we believe will define the next generation of scalable and sustainable biologic development and ultimately expand the breadth of oncology R&D success by allowing more candidates to reach the clinic.

Tailored glycosylation of newly discovered antibodies using our Glycaneering Technology℠
The speed, sustainability, and cost-efficiency of our FastPharming Manufacturing System
In-house advanced bioanalytics

We’re committed to delivering next-generation bioprocessing and manufacturing to our clients. Interested in a feasibility study?

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Quality Plant-Made mAbs with FastPharming®

This white paper illustrates FastPharming's ability to manufacture consistent, high-quality antibodies
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Changing the Paradigm of Cancer Drug Discovery and Development with Plants

iBio’s Chief Scientific Officer, Martin Brenner, DVM, Ph.D.; Chief Operating Officer, Randy Maddux; and oncology pipeline advisor, Steven King, discuss how the FastPharming System® and iBio’s Drug Discovery Center are delivering on a range of opportunities for therapeutic discovery and development to bring prognosis-changing therapies to patients sooner.
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