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CDMO Services

iBio offers a full range of development and manufacturing services to move your projects from pre-clinical to market launch.  Our FastPharming® System shortens your development timelines and provides for seamless scale-up. Our Glycaneering™ Technology affords greater control and can deliver increased product potency and quality.  We offer a range of recombinant products including monoclonal antibodies, antigens for subunit vaccine design, lysosomal enzymes, and many more.


Why FastPharming?

FastPharming overcomes issues presented by mammalian expression systems:


Greater speed-to-clinic by shaving months off traditional mammalian-cell development times


Vertical farming eliminates scaling issues moving to large bioreactors – just use more hydroponically-grown plants


Excellent glycosylation controls for better performance without freedom-to-operate issues


Reduced volume of single-use disposables widely used in mammalian cell culture production


 Reduced contamination risk since mammalian viruses and prions can’t grow in plants


The system can express a wide range of recombinant proteins, including monoclonal antibodies, growth factors & cytokines, lysosomal enzymes, peptides, virus-like particles, and more

Explore FastPharming

Speed to Clinic

"Concept to GMP Substance" can take as little as 3 months for FastPharming vs. 12 months or more for Mammalian Cell Culture
Graph: Clinical Product Manufacturing. 14 days for FastPharming vs. 40 days or more
  • Rapid Agrobacterium vector availability accelerates the timeline to Master Cell Bank (MCB) generation by as much as 10 months​
  • Bulk drug substance manufacturing timeline reduced because host plants can be ready on-demand thereby eliminating the seed train​
  • Rapid production timeline can support earlier preclinical safety and product stability studies which can potentially further reduce time to IND
Mammalian cell culture timelines given above are for illustrative purposes only based upon competitive data from publicly available sources.  Actual timelines may vary.

Technology Applications

The FastPharming Platform produces a variety of recombinant products including:

  • Biobetter and biosimilar antibodies
  • Antigens for subunit vaccine design
  • Virus-like particles (VLP)
  • Lysosomal enzymes
  • Growth factors and cytokines
  • Scaffolds, maturogens, and materials for 3D Bioprinting and biofabrication